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<Living Wishes. Tasting Clouds. Aotearoa> by Monika S. Paseka
€ 26.- / plus shipping costs or pick it up in 1190 Vienna

Thanks for sharing my first english reading in Vienna ! 21 great guests, one arrived from Tel Aviv just to participate in this evening…

Monika S. Paseka

1st english reading Vienna

1st Book Presentation & Reading on Thursday April 11th @ 7pm <Living Wishes. Tasting Clouds. Aotearoa>

@ Shakespeare & Company
Booksellers and more in the Ruprechtsviertel
1010 Vienna, Sterngasse 2
Tel. (01) 535 50 53


In the Māori culture listening is an essential component of togetherness. Monika S. Paseka lived with the Māori, listened to their stories, experienced the powerful Kapa Haka and also listened to singing treasures. The unique story of New Zealand is reflected in the narration, which – at the same time – is a journey to the heart, that place, where we are all the same. The authentic encounters tell of courage, wisdom and love. Together they demonstrate the navigation system of the heart which guides us into life itself – now in the present, at this very moment.

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Buch sofort erhältlich: bei allen Lesungen
im Weltmuseum Wien / Museum-Shop
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Bild Bucheinband "Wenn Augen tanzen - Jede Legasthenie ist anders" von Monika Simon-Paseka

Gratislesungen an Schulen!
Thema Legasthenie und/oder ist es doch ein Sehproblem…?
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Hörbuch- & Synchronsprecherin seit 2018 in Ausbildung…
2 HB Seminare 2018, Atem & Stimme, Sprachmelodie…
Sprechtechnikkurs Herbst 2018
Ab Jänner 2019 privates Sprechtechnik-Training mit Schauspieler
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